Support for caregivers

Are you taking care of someone affected by cancer?

  • 1 hour

Service Description

Are you a husband, a spouse, a child, family member or a loved on trying to help and support a cancer patient? It can be very challenging to take care of a cancer patient. Not sure where to start? if you are doing the right thing? How to juggle between your own life responsibilities and be present? You should never forget that you to are going through cancer in a way. It can be as scary and difficult for a relative to see someone you love going through cancer. Unfortunately, caregivers do not feel as supported. By seeing a cancer coach, some of the guidance you will receive include, but are not limited to: - What to expect - How to prepare yourself - How to care for a cancer patient - Someone to listen to you - Someone with the knowledge to answer your question and guide you during this challenging time

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