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WHAT IS CANCER PREVENTION? It has been found that cancers are up to 70% preventable and some researchers even debate that it goes beyond that. Approximately 5% of all cancers are due to a genetic predisposition. Therefore, our LIFESTYLE plays a KEY ROLE! Please note that I am not a doctor. I have been taught about it at university and during my cancer awareness course, plus I did hours of research on the subject. I am only offering a simpler way for you to gain access to all these information without the many hours of reading and research. It is important to also note that nothing is guaranteed but in the long term it will offer you a healthier lifestyle with a boosted immune system and reduced risks. I strongly believe that what makes a real difference is to incorporate changes that will last over time. I will help you make changes to your lifestyle according to Dr. David Servan-Schreiber method, author of Anticancer – a new way of life, taking into account these four areas of your life: - Nutrition - Exercise - Stress Management - Reducing toxin exposition However, my research go beyond of what he wrote mixing it with over researchers and doctors methods.

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