During treatment

Be in the best conditions physically and mentally to face cancer.

  • 1 hour

Service Description

Going through cancer treatment can be very challenging, regardless of the treatment process you are undergoing. It is, therefore, important to feel understood and supported. Not only will it help your recovery process, the right kind of support will also reduce your side effects and improve your treatment outcome. Every person going through cancer treatment will experience side effects, however they may vary for one person to another. Chances are that it will affect different areas of your life such as your energy level, your sleep, your food intake, your motivation and more. Thankfully, there are means to address those. To make sure that you are in the best possible condition both physically and mentally hear or some of the areas that we will focus on: - Nutrition - Emotional support - Physical exercise - Management of the side effects - Sleep management - Stress management By providing you with a safe space, a holistic approach to health and someone to truly listen and guide you through the challenges you are facing, you be armed with the right tools to face cancer.

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