After cancer

  • 1 hour

Service Description

Great news you made it, you are finally in remission. However, though you feel relieved there is still a part of you that is not feeling right. Many people experience a wave of emotions following cancer going from the “survivor’s guilt” to the anxiety that it might return. Some people also tend to focus on surviving and what it is done feel lost, don’t know what to do next and are often caught up by all the feelings that they been repressing. This is a known coping mechanism. A cancer coach will guide you through this transition phase but also will help you build anti-cancer habits to reduce your chance of going through that again. The first step will be to restore your health. Following cancer treatments your immune system has been weakened and your body might be full of toxins caused by all the medications. Then, I will guide you to regain a healthier lifestyle, rebuilding your physical health, your sleep habits, developing ways to cope with the side effects you might be still experiencing and so on. Together we will help you go back to enjoying life to the fullest.

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