Hello everyone and many thanks for stopping by.

My name is Alissa and I am a Cancer Coach.


What does that mean?


A coach is like a thinking partner who helps you think clearly and expansively about issues that need addressing. Together we will develop strategies and form action plans intended to ease your treatment process. We will focus on your mind and body on a non-medical approach with the aim to make your daily life simpler (see more details under the "Case management" section).



How did I choose that path?


I started my studies with a Foundation in Medicine. However, as I always had a very strong interest with cancer I moved into a 4 years Bsc program in Research in Cancer Biology and Immunology at the University of Bristol.

It truly opened my eyes about all the different aspects of Cancer and how our immune system fights cancerous cells. I therefore specialised in Immunotherapy, as a cancer treatment alternative during my last year.


Wanting to go further, I saw that cancer and cancer prevention go beyond medical treatment. Thus, I followed further training in cancer awareness and prevention. I am also currently completing a course to become a Cancer Exercise Specialist, to help you with your workouts. Additionally, I am enrolled to start a Cancer survivorship programme with Harvard University, to help my patients with the life post-cancer. My wish is to keep on developing my skills and knowledge.


As you scroll through my website you will see the different aspects that my job entails.

I strongly believe that I have found my true path and I am looking forward to sharing my passion with you.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further information.