Live with it

Green Plant
Green Plant


Our mission is to help cancer patient and those around them to build the confidence they need to accept and adapt positively to their journey.


 Cancer is a scary word, it can take a lot of space in your life but it does not need to define who you are.

We are here to help people learn how to LIVE with it.

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We all know someone with cancer and/or are scared that it might happen to us.

Our vision is to help as many people as possible to go beyond that.

 To make their life simpler during and after cancer. 

To reassure people about what it truly is and what can we do about it.

We want to help people to acknowledge what cancer is to them and to reshape that vision. 

Instead of living in fear and apprehension we will learn what we can control, how to reduce risk, learn the steps to early diagnosis and finally we will learn to 


Orang Plant